Recent Projects

Harald Kunstmann

Climate change adaptation at the regional level: increasing  risks of heavy precipitation events for the Bavarian Oberland (KARE) (since 2020), Funding BMBF
Contact: Stefan Emeis, Patrick Laux

Near-Realtime Quantitative Precipitation Estimation and Prediction (RealPEP) (since 2019), Funding DFG
Contact:  Christian Chwala, Harald Kunstmann

South African Land Degradation Monitor (SALDi) (since 2019), Funding BMBF
Contact: Harald Kunstmann,  Patrick Laux

AccHydro (since 2018), Funding DFG
Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Jianhui Wei

VIWAT (since 2018), Funding KAAG
Contact: Patrick Laux, Harald Kunstmann

Seasonal Water Resources Management in Semiarid Regions: Application-oriented Transfer of Regionalized Global Information  (SaWaM)  (since 2017), Funding BMBF
Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Christof Lorenz  

​High-Resolution Atmospheric Water Vapor Fields by Spaceborne Geodetic Sensing, Tomographic Fusion, and Atmospheric Modeling  (AtmoWater) (since 2017), Funding DFG
Contact: Harald Kunstmann

Integrating Microwave Link Data For Analysis of Precipitation in Complex Terrain: Theoretical Aspects and Hydrometeorological Applications (IMAP) (since 2014), Funding DFG
Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Christian Chwala

WRF-Hydro  (since 2012)
Contact: Harald Kunstmann, Benjamin Fersch