Harald Kunstmann

 Weather and Climate Modeling

  • WRF  (Contact:  Benjamin Fersch, Patrick Laux)
  • WRF-LES (Contact: Harald Kunstmann)
  • COSMO-CLM (Contact: Gerhard Smiatek)
  • MPAS (Contact: Gerhard Smiatek)

Coupled Atmosphere-Hydrology Modelling

  • WRF-Hydro (Contact:  Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann)
  • WRF-HMS (Contact:  Benjamin Fersch, Jianhui Wei) 

Distributed Water- and Energy Fluxes Modeling

  • GEOTop (Contact: Harald Kunstmann)
  • WaSiM (Contact: Patrick Laux)

Statistical Downscaling

  • Circulation Pattern Analysis (Contact: Patrick Laux)
  • Copula based Multivariate Statistics (Contact: Patrick Laux)

Integration and Assimilation of Remote Sensing Information

  • Terrestrial Microvawes Link Data  (Contact: Christian Chwala)
  • MODIS Data (Contact: Christof Lorenz)
  • GRACE Satellite Data (Contact: Christof Lorenz)

Hydrological Process Analysis with Stable Water Isotops (Contact: Joel Arnault)

Hydrometeorological Observatories with focus on

  • Precipitation Variability
  • Stream Flow
  • Soil Moisture
  • Energy Fluxes

 within TERENO and WASCAL  (Contact: Benjamin Fersch, Christian Chwala, Sina Berger, Harald Kunstmann)